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June 28, 2011

4 month with youu bieekuuuuuuu ♥

Today is Tuesday 28/6/2011 <---- see date haha k today's date i am most pleased and happy in our day :') Today we have been together 4month :) thank yahh bie because caring about me for 4month, macam tak percaya jee dah 4 bulan ahax cepad gila masa berlalu now -,-k i nak bagi tahu dekat you , yang i happy sesangat dengan you walaupun banyak halangan kan ehemmm ;( but kitee still berbaik kan my herooo ^_^You're the best for me :) i love you like my own life , You egoo itu perkara biase lelaki kan , lelaki ego memang kuat i tahuuuuuu tuu semua you :'D I hope that our relationship remains foreverr and ever yeah :') k itu jee nak share haha kbaii one word aku nak menjerit hee I LOVE YOUU DIEDIE TAEYEON "ITQAN"

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